My Fitness Journey

The topic I decided to choose was “My Fitness Journey.” I decided to choose this topic because I believe that my health is important. I think that keeping track of my fitness journey will absolutely keep me motivated. Often times I forget the reason why I start something, in this case, exercise. I got tired of giving up. This time, keeping a blog about my fitness journey will not only encourage me to keep going, but I hope to encourage others to get started.

By now, you might be wondering how I plan to collect original materials for my blog. Well luckily for me, I have been keeping some pictures of my fitness journey already. I will keep track of everytime I work out and the methods I used for that specific workout. Furthermore, I will make sure to also obtain video footage of my workouts and the meals I eat for my fitness journey.

For Unit one The Graphic Design Project, I will create an inspirational poster about why exercising and keeping track of my fitness is good for my health. For Unit Two, the Logo, I will create a logo that could go on the clothes I choose to wear every time I work out. For Unit Three, the audio, I would like to interview my coworkers on their own personal fitness journey. What works for them and some things they avoid. For Unit Four, a video story, I want to show you what my normal day would look like when it comes to things related to my fitness journey. What workouts I do and what I eat.

When I first thought of writing about my fitness journey I thought it would be hard and that not many people could relate to me. Which is why I decided to look for inspiration on why other people begin a fitness journey. Lauren has an awesome story of why it is important for some people to exercise. In a way she relates to me because I do not have a fast metabolism, which means that in order for me to be thin I have to exercise regularly and watch what I eat.

Another blog that motivates me is Foodie-ness. I love the fact that she is more than happy to share the tips she used to go on her fitness journey. She goes on to share the 7 lessons she learned while on her fitness journey. I enjoy her blog, it has inspired me to keep going and to never give up.

Lastly, Corina’s blog has an insightful life story about how she achieved to feel uncomfortable under her skin. Corina talks about the mistakes she made and how she learned from them. In a way, I could relate to her. I have never owned a scale to keep track of my weight because I did not think I was “fat” but I knew I was not fit either, I was not comfortable under my skin. 


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